Westport Sessions and Matt Molloy’s

Well yesterday in Westport was great fun. We got up late because we weren’t to bed until nearly 3:00 am so woke up late of course. We put together something to eat and then sat down to put a set list together for Matt Molloy’s. Maggie and John McGing graciously invited us over for a late lunch. The McGing’s home is next door to John and Maria’s at the top of the hill above Westport and the view out back is really beautiful. When we arrived we were greeted by the McGing’s, John and Maria, Johnny Fagin and his partner Ruth, Maggie Killeen (our famous Crab song Maggie) and Noreen. Good company and fine friends all. The lunch was wonderful and they knew that Don’s birthday was later this week so had prepared a beautiful fruit flan surrounded by 10 candles. A very sweet gesture much appreciated by Don and all of us.

We headed down to Molloy’s Pub a little after 5:00. Sunday is session day in Westport. There are sessions scattered all over town, but this one at Molloy’s was set up for us by our friend Padraig McKenna. A real gentleman whom we have come to hold dear. He and his wife Els were very kind to us our last trip and I’d been emailing back and forth with Padraig ever since. Our last trip to Molloy’s we couldn’t wedge ourselves into the middle room, but this time we were given the seats to play and be part of a session, a real honor. Aside from us there were several local players, Sean a fine flute player, Steve and Susie had their bouzouki and tenor guitar, John Deery with his pipes, Maria on fiddle, Padraig with banjo, a fine young man named Joseph who is an up and comer on fiddle and bodhran, a fine older gentleman, Johnny Padden on box and scattered others who contributed song and wit. The room was filled in with many wanting to listen. We played about 2 hours and had a great time. Brian Lennon from Newport, whom we met last trip, was there with his vocal group Coda who sang two exquisite arrangements of old tunes. There were six of them singing and it was really breath taking and well received.

(C) CODA 2014

Brian pulled his flute out after that, he’s a great flute player, and played the rest of the session with us. Maggie McGing introduced us to Matt Molloy himself. For those of you reading this to whom this is meaningless Matt is one of the early movers of the Irish Music revival. A flute and whistle master of world wide renown, member of The Chieftains for decades and before that the Bothy Band. He has recorded many, many albums both as a member of the aforementioned groups and as a soloist. Here we are standing with Matt, who turns out to be a real gentleman Westport born and bred. What an honor to meet him.

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