Going to the Well (2015)

A delicate blend of old and new, the song and tune arrangements are exquisite, soulful, and thought provoking. I feckin' love it. A huge step up for the Crowbars! Go h-iontach, ar fheabhas ar fád, ceol den scoth!

- Pádraig McKenna, Westport, Co. Mayo

The well, of course, is Ireland itself, and a refreshing drink it is for the likes of us who thirst for more experiences with its people, places, and musical traditions. Every draft we take provides us with inspiration and a greater understanding of this music, which gives us such great joy. We will continue to go to the well as long as we can, because there is still much to savor and learn. A refreshing drink from this well will quench one’s thirst for a time, but, thankfully, the thirst will always return. Sláinte!


The Torn Jacket (2013)

Praise for "The Torn Jacket"

"Really enjoying your music. Really great blend. I'm sure it's flying off the shelves over there. I think there is room for a lot more like it !!!!!" - Connie O'Connell, composer of the reel "The Torn Jacket"

"I'm pretty blown away! Your time in Ireland must have given you tremendous confidence -- it's such a strong album. From your opening guitar with the beautiful fiddle coming in, right through to the end I was into it. I find with American Irish bands that it's often the vocals which lose me (take me out of the pub and into the bar, as it were). Not in Floating Crowbar's case. I like the selection of songs and you do them justice. It should go without saying that the instrumental work is top notch. Bravo!" - Michael Schonbach, Still Records




Two Nights in December (2011)

On two nights in December, 2010, Floating Crowbar set up recording gear in James Hunter's dining room and recorded this album. The result is a very "live", energetic collection of tunes and songs. As one fan puts it: "the CD sounds amazing! It's like sitting right in front of you guys!" 

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1. Martin Wynn’s #1 and #2
2. Spancil Hill
3. Humors of Ballyconnell - Boys of Ballysadare - Fox Hunter’s Reel
4. Garrett Barry’s - Sport - The Old Favorite
5. Peggy Gordon - Bonny Scotland
6. Wallop the Spot - Jimmy Ward's - Gander in the Pratie Hole
7. Humors of Kilclogher - The Chordal Jig
8. Well Below the Valley
9. Lads Of Cisco - Sean Ryan’s - Willie Coleman’s
10. Boy in the Boat - Glen Allen - The High Reel
11. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
12. I Buried My Wife and Danced on Her Grave - Choice Wife - Old Hag You Have Killed Me - Hag at the Churn
13. Last Night’s Fun - Cup of Tea - Lady Ann Montgomery
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